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Vocabulary Ex. (Unit I) (附答案) (NHCE---Book 2)

1. The government has devoted a larger slice of its financial ____ to agriculture than most other countries.

A) conditions B) potential C) budget D) economy

2. The long drought caused a(n) ____ shortage of water in this region. A) urgent B) acute C) dense D) rigid

3. Many in the credit industry expect that credit cards will eventually ____ paper money for almost every purchase.

A) trade B) replace C) exchange D) reduce

4. The history of life on earth has been a history of ____ between living things and their surroundings.

A) introduction B) interview C) interference D) interaction

5. Don’t have him for a friend. He’s ____ a criminal. A) anything but B) but for C) rather than D) nothing but

6. I’ve seen Donna in lots of movies, but I’ve never seen her ____. A) in person B) in reality C) in practice D) in theory

7. The Democratic and Republican parties hold ____ every four years to choose candidates for President.

A) concessions B) conservations C) conversations D) conventions

8. The annual income of one school teacher in this place was ____ at $900 on average.

A) budgeted B) predicted C) assessed D) accounted

9. Reading is a pleasant way to spend one’s ____.

A) leisure B) relaxation C) relief D) recreation

10. If you want to learn English well, you must first find a ____ teacher. A) able B) favorable C) significant D) competent

11. Jane was the only one who ____ all the conditions: she was of the

required age, height and degree. A) recovered B) fulfilled C) completed D) contended

12. In the United Nations, many countries ____ the proposal to send more troops to the Middle East.

A) turned down B) turned up C) turned off D) turned over

13. There are several characteristics of the book ____ special attention. A) worthy B) worthy of C) worth of D) worthless

14. The consumption market in the western provinces will grow rapidly, ____ the market in the affluent (富饶的) eastern area is likely to grow at a moderate pace.

A) nevertheless B) therefore C) whereas D) consequently

15. What one wears does not always ____ what one does but gives clues to one’s taste for life.

A) go on B) go with C) go by D) go after

16. It is ____ and encouraging to observe the development of this immense process.

A) distressing B) incredible C) amused D) fascinating

17. It is reported that the two armies ____ near the borderline again before dawn.

A) clashed B) crushed C) crashed D) flashed

18. The manager gave one of the salesgirls an accusing look for her ____ attitude toward customers.

A) serious B) mild C) hostile D) plain

19. I am very much ____ to hear that Mr. Smith is so seriously ill. A) frightened B) frustrated C) disappointed D) distressed

20. Louis Herman, at the University of Hawaii, has ____ a series of new experiments to determine the intelligence in some animals. A) installed B) formatted C) devised D) equipped

21. There is supposed to be a ____ which serves to give full play to workers’ initiative.

A) mechanics B) machine C) mechanic D) mechanism

22. We should make a clear ____ between the two scientific terms for the purpose of our discussion.

A) separation B) selection C) distinction D) division

23. My camera can be ____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.

A) treated B) adjusted C) adopted D) remedied

24. It is highly desirable that every effort ____ to reduce pollution in Beijing.

A) was made B) be made C) will be made D) would be made

25. After a thorough search, the police ____ most of the missing jewels. A) restored B) refreshed C) returned D) recovered

26. The shy girl always left by the back door to ____ her neighbors. A) ignore B) neglect C) rid D) avoid

27. I would appreciate ____ it a secret. A) your keeping B) you to keep

C) that you keep D) that you will keep

28. No matter what language they are learning children all seem to follow the same order in the ____ of sounds.

A) inheritance B) acquisition C) accumulation D) possession

29. He came to the meeting ____ her serious illness. A) in case of B) in spite of

C) instead of D) on account of

30. After she’d overcome her ____ shyness, she became very comfortable and friendly.

A) preliminary B) previous C) crucial D) initial


Vocabulary Ex. (Unit II) (NHCE---Book 2)

1. The new laboratories will be constructed this year, and local firms have been asked to ____ the work.

A) assign B) confront C) provide D) undertake

2. Charles is shy and does not take the ____ in making acquaintances. A) presentation B) initiative C) strategy D) introduction

3. Because of its incredibly ____ natural resources, the United States appeared to be a “land of plenty”.

A) optional B) maximum C) abundant D) leading

4. The scientist has found a new ____ of butterflies in the mountainous areas of that country.

A) species B) catalog C) segment D) identity

5. My sister is quite ____ & plans to get an M. A. degree within one year. A) aggressive B) considerate C) enthusiastic D) ambitious

6. It’s quite necessary for a qualified teacher to have a good manner and ____ knowledge.

A) intensive B) expansive C) extensive D) expensive

7. These international events seem likely to ____, or at least weaken, the trends that emerged in the 1990s.

A) revolt B) reform C) reverse D) replace

8. If the world is to remain peaceful the utmost effort must be made by nations to limit local ____.

A) collisions B) combats C) contradictions D) conflicts

9. The baseball match is being ____ by a cigarette company. A) contributed B) sponsored C) granted D) attributed

10. We don’t accept cheques; you have to pay in ____. A) cash B) coin C) money D) dollar

11. Do you mean that this plant ____ electricity for the entire city? A) charges B) manufactures C) yields D) generates

12. Competition, they believe, ____ the national character rather than corrupt it.

A) enforces B) confirms C) accords D) strengthens

13. The older generation have always ____ on some of the ideas of the young.

A) frowned B) criticized C) disapproved D) objected

14. My sole object was to get shelter ____ the snow, to get myself covered and warm.

A) for B) off C) from D) over

15. Natural gas can be used to power cars by ____ their engines. A) condensing B) converting C) transferring D) transmitting

16. With the increasing of environmental awareness, many green belts ____ all over the country.

A) spring off B) spring up C) spring in D) spring out

17. Teenage mothers often have no ____ but to live with their parents. A) option B) chance C) selection D) scope

18. We cannot afford to long ignore Taiwan businessmen’s strong desire to share ____ economic benefits with the mainland.

A) abnormal B) enormous C) amateur D) vacant

19. This kind of tent is easily ____ or folded away.

A) made B) founded C) erected D) extended

20. They hoped that the law would ensure the ____ of these rare animals which had been killed in large numbers in this area. A) convention B) conservation C) prevention D) precaution

21. An interest in people’s deepest feelings ____ all her writings. A) portrays B) represents C) characterizes D) demonstrates

22. Sport and ____ have always been part of university life.

A) refreshment B) recession C) reservation D) recreation

23. It was such a wonderful day that they decided to make a ____ to the mountain.

A) voyage B) excursion C) inspection D) picnic

24. Of course the farmer’s house is not ____ with yours. His is just a small cottage whereas yours is like a palace. A) competent B) competitive C) comparative D) comparable

25. There is a beautiful view from the ____ of the hill.

A) summit B) ceiling C) landscape D) maximum

26. The news began to ____ through to the outside world. A) pour B) filter C) broadcast D) drip

27. In Shanghai, city planners have made many places for green belts and garden ____.

A) places B) lots C) spaces D) strips

28. She walked slowly along the path, her skirt ____ in the mud. A) touching B) trailing C) tracking D) tracing

29. He thought he could talk Mr. Robinson ____ buying some expensive equipment.

A) to B) about C) into D) on

30. This boy is able to repeat from memory ____ 200 short poems. A) up to B) up till C) as D) as far


Vocabulary Ex. (Unit III) (NHCE---Book 2)

1. Inquiries ____ the condition of the patients may be made personally or by telephone.

A) revealing B) concerning C) affecting D) following

2. The kitchen was small and ____ so that the disabled could reach everything without difficulty.

A) conventional B) compatible C) compact D) concise

3. The tomato juice left a brown ____ on the front of my jacket. A) track B) trace C) spot D) point

4. A parent may ____ his child to do his lessons by threatening to suspend his allowance.

A) compel B) promote C) exert D) impose

5. ____ of all the staff, I would like to wish you a happy retirement. A) In honor B) In place C) On behalf D) On account

6. We found a(n) ____ to the mystery.

A) track B) possibility C) indicator D) clue

7. Try to be ____ when you refuse her invitation, so as not to cause bad feeling.

A) generous B) diplomatic C) realistic D) fascinating

8. I think her ideas are right, but ____ I’m not completely sure. A) somehow B) somewhat C) somewhere D) sometime

9. Many patients insist on having watches with them in hospital, ____ they have no schedules to keep.

A) even though B) as if C) for D) since

10. The child’s cold, hungry, and tired, so of course he’s feeling ____. A) embarrassed B) miserable C) disappointed D) awkward

11. Although he is rich and famous, he lives in a ____ house in the village.

A) limited B) modest C) slight D) reserved

12. Some fish have a greater ____ for acid water than others.

A) persistence B) dependence C) resistance D) tolerance

13. The factory strike was settled when the union and management reached a ____ on the question of wages.

A) bargain B) harmony C) compromise D) comprehension

14. There is a ____ difference in meaning between the words surroundings and environment.

A) gentle B) subtle C) weak D) humble

15. We must look beyond ____ and assumptions and try to discover what is missing.

A) justifications B) illusions C) manifestations D) specifications

16. A family has ____ affection when each person likes the others and is liked by them.

A) respective B) joint C) corresponding D) mutual

17. This new printer is ____ with all leading software.

A) compatible B) competitive C) cooperative D) comparable

18. The best rooms in the hotel ____ the bay.

A) view B) regard C) overlook D) examine

19. When he tried to make a ____, he found that the hotel he wanted was completely filled because of a convention.

A) complaint B) claim C) reservation D) decision

20. There is no ____ that the new agricultural policy has been in any way disasters.

A) indication B) information C) exhibition D) demonstration

21. His sheltered childhood life had left him unprepared for the ____ realities of adult life.

A) strict B) harsh C) serious D) controversial

22. Don’t ____ to contact me if you need any more information. A) pause B) postpone C) hesitate D) frighten

23. The football match had to be ____ owing to the bad weather. A. cancelled B. advanced C. arranged D. held

24. She ____ from the report to support her point.

A) derived B) repeated C) sought D) quoted

25. He made a ____ to build a successful business on his own in this district.

A) disposal B) hint C) perspective D) resolve

26. The economic crises in that country have threatened the ____ of the government.

A) stability B) capability C) persistence D) permanence

27. It took him several months to ____ the wild horse. A) tend B) cultivate C) breed D) tame

28. The manager lost his ____ just because his secretary was ten minutes late.

A) mood B) temper C) mind D) passion

29. When I caught him ____ I stopped buying things there and started dealing with another shop.

A) cheating B) cheat C) to cheat D) to be cheating

30. You see the lightning ____ it happens, but you hear the thunder later. A) the instant B) for an instant C) on the instant D) in an instant


Vocabulary Ex. (Unit IV) (NHCE---Book 2)

1. Children and old people do not like having their daily ____ upset. A) habit B) routine C) practice D) custom

2. Mr. Edward was not in, so his brother acted as ____ at the party. A) actor B) guest C) host D) ghost

3. He was surprised that her English was so ____ as she had never been to England.

A) flexible B) fluid C) formal D) fluent

4. He is a leading authority ____ plant diseases.

A) on B) about C) for D) of

5. This diploma(毕业文凭) ____ that you have completed college education.

A) identifies B) justifies C) certifies D) notifies

6. Since your manager has ____ the time for a talk with you, you must make sure that you will be there on time.

A) identified B) specified C) qualified D) classified

7. ____ students often find it difficult to live in America at first. A) Chinese B) Abroad C) Overseas D) Domestic

8. After a quick ____ at the patient the doctor rang for an ambulance. A) glance B) glimpse C) gaze D) stare

9. He will surely finish the job on time ____ he’s left to do it in his own way.

A) in that B) as long as C) in case D) as far as

10. It is up to the Government to tackle the air pollution problem and ____ measures in line with the council’s suggestions.

A) set about B) fill up C) work out D) bring over

11. In the ____ of the project not being a success, the investors stand to lose up to $30 millions.

A) face B) time C) event D) course

12. Frequently single-parent children ____ some of the functions that the absent adult in the house would have served.

A) take off B) take after C) take in D) take on

13. Housewives who do not go out to work often feel they are not working to their full ____.

A) capacity B) strength C) length D) possibility

14. This steam is used to drive a turbine which, ____, rotates the generator that produces the electricity.

A) in effect B) in return C) in order D) in turn

15. She was showing a marked ____ of interest in her school work. A) limit B) vacuum C) short D) lack

16. He has decided to pursue his studies ____.

A) exteriorly B) externally C) abroad D) aboard

17. You simply can’t ____ a phone if you’re in business. A) do away with B) do without C) give away D) give out

18. The address of an e-mail message includes the source and ____ of the message.

A) destination B) target C) objective D) reception

19. The speed of light is indeed enormous, but it is not ____. A) indefinite B) endless C) infinite D) utmost

20. As so many overseas and domestic business people have come to invest and build new businesses, the place looks much more ____ than it did a few years ago.

A) appropriate B) prosperous C) tedious D) unremarkable

21. While some office jobs would seem ____ to many people, there are quite a few jobs that are stimulating, exciting and satisfying. A) hostile B) fantastic C) courageous D) tedious

22. Moving pictures present ____ scenes like battles, storms or races. A) spectacular B) imaginary C) offensive D) bloody

23. Markets are ____ and a company must learn to adapt. A) temporary B) static C) concrete D) dynamic

24. An application to join this scheme places you under no obligation ____.

A) indeed B) eventually C) whatsoever D) apart

25. In their full uniforms, the soldiers looked _____.

A) magnificent B) prominent C) significant D) respective

26. Switzerland is well-known for its impressive mountainous ____. A) views B) scenes C) sights D) scenery

27. Not having seen each other for a long time, the two sisters ____ warmly.

A) embraced B) enclosed C) engaged D) exchanged

28. The West is traditionally the land of the pioneers and the cowboys, where ____ could be easily made in cattle or land.

A) property B) fortunes C) opportunities D) treasure

29. The ____ of blood always makes him feel sick. A) sight B) view C) look D) form

30. The rain was heavy and ____ the land was flooded.

A) continuously B) constantly C) consequently D) consistently


Vocabulary Ex. (Unit V) (NHCE---Book 2)

1. Their profits have grown rapidly in recent years, and this upward ____ is expected to continue.

A) action B) increase C) tendency D) movement

2. There have been some small ____ in the past year, but by and large

prices have remained stable.

A) limitations B) demonstrations C) deductions D) fluctuations

3. It’s strange that many countries permit cigarette companies to advertise their products in magazines and newspapers, and yet they ____ cigarette commercials on TV.

A) prevent B) forbid C) ban D) keep

4. You should be very ____ to your teachers for their generous help. A) satisfactory B) thanking C) considerate D) grateful

5. It is evident that children need more praise than criticism, which many experts say will ____ their confidence and self-respect.

A) undercut B) undertake C) undercharge D) undermine

6. The new floor wax being in trial manufacture in our plant is supposed to ____ continual passing to and fro. A) stand up to B) stand out C) stand for D) stand up for

7. I dare to say, without any fear of ____, that they are all pretty pleased about your decision.

A) contraction B) contradiction C) conservation D) contribution

8. Against such a well-trained professional team, I’m afraid our chances of winning the game are pretty ____.

A) noticeable B) weak C) slim D) helpless

9. After making observations for a week in the plant, the researcher made many very ____ suggestions in an oral report to the manager. A) sensitive B) constructive C) definite D) generous

10. We’ll ____ you for any damage done to your house while we are in it.

A) compensate B) remedy C) supplement D) return

11. In hot weather fresh milk quickly turns ____. A) bitter B) acid C) sore D) sour

12. She ____ and fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom. A) slipped B) skated C) split D) spilt

13. Children who are over-protected by their parents may become ____. A) hurt B) damaged C) spoiled D) harmed

14. Children are ____ to have some accidents as they grow up. A) obvious B) indispensable C) bound D) doubtless

15. He made such a ____ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the new building after him.

A) generous B) minimum C) modest D) genuine

16. The new tourist hotel will have ____ for more than 1,000 people. A) conveniences B) accommodations C) capabilities D) capacities

17. I don’t think you can ____ anything from the limited evidence you have.

A) impact B) imply C) infer D) refer

18. The forecast predicted ____ weather with snow, sunshine, wind and thunder and that is just what we have had.

A) variable B) various C) differing D) distinct

19. They finally agreed to ____ their argument ____ an impartial arbitrator.

A) submit … to B) subject … to C) substitute … for D) subscribe … to

20. We did not send you an invitation, as we took it for ____ that you would be coming.

A) obliged B) granted C) awarded D) consented

21. In your days at school you’ll be given a test to help the teacher to ____ you to a class at your level.

A) locate B) assign C) deliver D) place

22. This country is ____ desert.

A) greatly B) largely C) exclusively D) exceedingly

23. Mr. Smith had an unusual ____: he was first an office clerk, then a sailor, and ended up as a school teacher.

A) profession B) occupation C) career D) position

24. The mayor is a woman with great ____ and therefore deserves our political and financial support.

A) intention B) instinct C) integrity D) intensity

25. We were pleased to note that the early morning delivery didn’t ____ to the traffic jam of the busy city.

A) aid B) amount C) add D) attribute

26. The system was redesigned to embrace the network and eventually ____ it in a profitable direction.

A) adapt B) control C) install D) steer

27. When I ____ my senses, I found myself wrapped up in bed in my little room, with Grandma bending over me.

A) woke up B) took to C) picked up D) came to

28. He took the eight o’clock non-stop ____ from Paris to New York. A) trip B) flight C) journey D) voyage

29. At first, the ____ of color pictures over a long distance seemed impossible, but, with painstaking efforts and at great expense, it became a reality.

A) transaction B) transmission

C) transformation D) transition

30. He ____ to climb the steep cliff but after only a few minutes decided

it would be too dangerous.

A) risked B) dared C) attempted D) practiced


Vocabulary Ex. (Unit VI) (NHCE---Book 2)

1. The lady dressed in the latest Paris fashion is ____ in her appearance but rude in her speech.

A) elaborate B) excessive C) elegant D) exaggerated

2. In production cheaper materials are being ____ for the better, more expensive kind.

A) discarded B) replaced C) converted D) substituted

3. These small white houses are ____ of the Greek islands.

A) peculiar B) special C) characteristic D) exclusive

4. The observer’s statement about the accident was very _____; we know almost everything about it now.

A) specific B) especial C) exceptional D) special

5. Some years ago the city became divided into two separate cities. The

former is now the center of trade and finance, and the ____ seat of government.

A) last B) latter C) later D) late

6. Fluency in three languages ____ her for work in the European Parliament.

A) qualifies B) enables C) credits D) deserves

7. Mr. Bloom is not ____ now, but he will be famous someday. A) significant B) dominant C) magnificent D) prominent

8. I’m pleased to have made your ____.

A) acquaintance B) acknowledgement C) friend D) familiarity

9. The man in the corner ____ to having told a lie to the manager of the company.

A) declined B) refused C) admitted D) confessed

10. The old woman’s next-door neighbor is very ____ of her: when she is sick in bed, he always takes care of her.

A) cautious B) thoughtful C) concerned D) careful

11. Three university departments have been ____ $600,000 to develop good practice in teaching and learning.

A) promoted B) secured C) included D) awarded

12. You are too emotionally involved in that situation to be ____ about it. A) reliable B) sympathetic C) relevant D) objective

13. He sank into ____ after his business failed.

A) destruction B) despair C) shortage D) chaos

14. The _____ stuck on the envelope says “By Air”. A) diagram B) signal C) label D) mark

15. Workers in the fine arts ____ thoughts and feelings through their creative works.

A) convey B) transmit C) elaborate D) contribute

16. No fault is attached ____ the bus driver for the terrible accident at the railway crossing.

A) for B) to C) with D) in

17. It’s just _____ ten minutes past eleven now. Let’s hurry up, or we will

miss the train.

A) come round B) come out C) come up with D) come up to

18. The tourist is prevented from entering a country if he does not have a(n) ____ passport.

A) operative B) valid C) efficient D) effective

19. ____ their differences, the couple were developing an obvious and genuine affection for each other.

A) But for B) For all C) Above all D) Except for

20. This summer is so cool that we can _____ do without air-conditioner. A) specifically B) vitally C) virtually D) identically

21. The house was ____ from the road by a small wood.

A) located B) constructed C) concealed D) emerged

22. Please don’t think he likes living on others. No people would like to live on ____.

A) charity B) grant C) sympathy D) pension

23. In general, matters which lie entirely within the state boundaries are the ____ concern of the state government.

A) extensive B) excluding C) excessive D) exclusive

24. High interest rates ___ people from borrowing money from the bank. A) discourage B) dismiss C) disappoint D) disgust

25. I was always taught that it was ____ to interrupt. A) coarse B) rude C) rough D) crude

26. Occasionally we experience strong winds and storms the west, but the ____ winds are from the north-east.

A) existing B) prevailing C) particular D) special

27. Many people like white color as it is a ____ of purity. A) symbol B) sign C) signal D) symptom

28. Faced with all the difficulties, the girl ____ her mother for comfort. A) turned over B) turned from C) turned to D) turned up

29. She is a very ____ student. She’s always talking about traveling to outer space.

A) imaginary B) imaginative C) imaginable D) imagining

30. My grandpa gave me a watch, which is made of gold, ____ I keep to this day.

A) and thus B) and C) so D) and which


Vocabulary Ex. (Unit VII) (NHCE---Book 2)

1. You cannot imagine how I feel ________ with my duties sometimes. A) overflowed B) overwhelmed C) overthrown D) overturned

2. Just in the middle of his speech, his head began to _____ & he fainted. A) turn B) rotate C) spin D) move

3. The men spent all day ________ water out of the flooded houses. A) absorbing B) sucking C) forcing D) pumping

4. The nation must follow its own policy and not be influenced by ________ events.

A) exterior B) extra C) inferior D) interior

5. Teams of oxen pulled the heavy wagons into the ___ of North America. A) exterior B) interior C) internal D) external

6. A good boss always ________ responsibility to his assistants. A) removes B) delegates C) refers D) leases

7. Allen placed too much ________ on sports and paid little attention to his studies.

A) concern B) interest C) hobby D) emphasis

8. The arguments are over now, and we hope no one will ________ them up again.

A) stir B) boil C) disturb D) interfere

9. Sport provides a(n) ________ for a teenager’s feelings of aggression or frustration.

A) exit B) exhaust C) outlet D) leak

10. I can ________ him to you for the job. He is a very good worker. A) recall B) promote C) suggest D) recommend

11. This organization is completely ________ any political parties.

A) relative to B) innocent of C) independent of D) characteristic of

12. The problems requiring immediate solution will be given ________ at the meeting.

A) priority B) urgency C) superiority D) emergency

13. The ________ for making application is tomorrow, so you’d better send in your form today.

A) date B) agenda C) terminal D) deadline

14. During the United States Civil War, many people in the South were forced to ________ their homes.

A) withdraw B) withstand C) flee D) fleet

15. Americans may have to ________ the number of privately owned cars and depend more on public transportation systems.

A) break down B) cut down C) get down D) drop down

16. Our taxi was caught in a traffic ______, so we were late for the show. A) knot B) block C) lock D) jam

17. Water evaporates (蒸发) into the air to make clouds. This same water then comes back to the earth as rain. Such a repetition is a form of water ________.

A) cycle B) course C) circle D) circuit

18. The ________ of the difficulty have not yet been fully realized. A) sizes B) scales C) measurements D) dimensions

19. These chemicals must be kept at a ________ temperature of 40°C. A) continuous B) consistent C) constant D) permanent

20. As a public figure, he knows well enough what he does will have ________ for society.

A) effects B) results C) influences D) consequences

21. The church refused to ________ the king’s second marriage. A) consent B) sanction C) credit D) speculate

22. Drinking alcohol is a real health ________ if carried to excess. A) hazard B) harm C) damage D) fatigue

23. The police set a ________ to catch the thieves.

A) plan B) device C) trap D) trick

24. He will ________ resign in view of the complete failure of the research project.

A) doubtfully B) adequately C) reasonably D) presumably

25. It is ________ that strong vibrations made loud sounds and weak vibrations make soft sounds.

A) vital B) evident C) essential D) frank

26. The chimney was ________ clouds of smoke.

A) discharging B) dismissing C) disposing D) dissolving

27. When very angry, few people are able to act in a ________ way.

A) rational B) sensitive C) tough D) legal

28. This crop does not do well in soils ________ the one for which it has been specially developed.

A) beyond B) rather than C) outside D) other than

29. Books are ________ to scholars.

A) indispensable B) bound C) accustomed D) indifferent

30. His proposal is very ________. We do not need any explanation.

A) concrete B) loyal C) gray D) royal


Vocabulary Ex. (Unit VIII) (NHCE---Book 2)

1. This attitude is reflected in the ________ taken a decade or so which showed that seven out of ten American mothers did not want their second child.

A) photograph B) table C) chart D) poll

2. Your usual teacher has lost his voice and ________ I am taking his place today.

A) nevertheless B) however C) accordingly D) moreover

3. After she became a lawyer, she decided to ________ in contract law.

A) study B) specialize C) learn D) contribute

4. This expert will ________ his remarks to e-business this time.

A) coordinate B) render C) confine D) depict

5. We would never have secured our independence without the aid you


A) rendered B) requested C) presented D) pursued

6. ________ energy under the earth must be released in one form or another, for example, an earthquake.

A) Accumulated B) Assembled C) Gathered D) Collected

7. It has always ________ me why you believe the Earth is flat. A) confused B) misled C) puzzled D) wondered

8. The Prime Minister will give details of the plan at a press _____ today. A) report B) discussion C) convention D) conference

9. Our ear becomes less sensitive to ________ greater than 4,000 cycles per second.

A) frequencies B) variations C) ratios D) volumes

10. I don’t think he is up to the job ______ he would give his mind to it. A) in case B) if only C) until D) unless

11. It has been rather costly to install the machinery, but it will prove to be worth the money ________.

A) in the long run B) in conclusion C) at long last D) at the end

12. You have to ________ grammar mistakes from the essay before you hand it in.

A) judge B) display C) reveal D) eliminate

13. The profit-sharing plan is designed to ______ the staff to work hard. A) mount B) mould C) motivate D) motion

14. There is a forecast that the ________ for a good crop harvest will be rather poor this year.

A) prospect B) protection C) proportion D) promise

15. His injured wrist began to ________.

A) exaggerate B) swell C) soar D) enhance

16. A _____ of robbers broke into the bank and took away all the money.

A) bunch B) school C) rank D) gang

17. In spite of the ________ economic forecasts, manufacturing output has risen slightly.

A) gloomy B) miserable C) shadowy D) obscure

18. The ________ personality in our firm was John Brown; he made all the decisions.

A) dominant B) elegant C) cautious D) prominent

19. An experienced manager can be a great ________ to his firm. A) estate B) asset C) profit D) property

20. Did the people ________ approve of the government’s policy? A) in all B) in public C) at large D) at best

21. A significant ________ of the plants and animals in Hawaii exist nowhere else in the world.

A) production B) proportion C) provision D) procession

22. Many university courses are not really ________ to the needs of students or their future employers.

A) associated B) related C) geared D) qualified

23. The store had to _____ a number of clerks because sales were down.

A) lay out B) lay off C) lay aside D) lay down

24. The speaker commanded our attention by a speech which ________ our own feelings.

A) sounded B) echoed C) reacted D) described

25. To make sure that students will remember what you say, you should find ways of ________ the main points.

A) emphasizing B) focusing C) enlarging D) strengthening

26. The house was sold for $60,000, which was far more than its real ________.

A) cost B) value C) price D) evaluation

27. An engineer ________ an ore to find out whether it contains impurities(杂质).

A) analyses B) anticipates C) assesses D) evaluates

28. At yesterday’s party, Elizabeth’s boyfriend amused us by ________ Charlie Chaplin.

A) modeling B) following C) imitating D) copying

29. We are ________ faced with the necessity to recognize that having

more people implies a lower standard of living.

A) readily B) smoothly C) inevitably D) deliberately

30. There was a good deal of ________ to the introduction of foreign cultures.

A) obstacle B) challenge C) block D) resistance